Relapse? Oh please, NO.

Gemmas latest update on Audrina…

I had been putting up a few stressed out statuses on Facebook recently and just wanted to explain a bit the reason why as a few people have been asking. Audrinas high dose was really tough and its taken its toll on her body. We have been at the hospital everyday, some days having to go twice.

Audrina has developed a limp due to pain in feet which is hard for her as she is used to always being on the go, but now can’t really walk. Also Audrina started getting pains similar to before, and of the urine tests the doctors use to detect neuroblastoma was elevated, with a second test increasing further. This means Audrina now must have further tests and scans to check for relapse.

She had a bone marrow and trephine biopsy today under general anestetic, and is due to have an MIBG at the beginning of March.

Potential relapse is terrifying and I am finding it hard to keep it together. One minute I’m convinced everything is fine, the next I am dreading the worst. There’s no known cure for relapsed neuroblastoma. Her consultant appears optimistic which is reassuring but my worry will not end until we have all of Audrinas test results.

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