Pajama day fundraiser!

As the big fundraising for our gorgeous girlie, Audrina, gets underway, we thought what better way than to kick it off with a day in our pajamas! Audrina has spent many days stuck in hospital in her pajamas so we thought we’d join her!

School’s across the Derbyshire turned up in their PJs or fancy onsies on Friday 15th February, along with their donations towards Audrina’s fight against Neuroblastoma.

But a day in our pajamas wouldn’t be the same without some funky dance moves to help #keepaudrinadancing. The day was was full of flossing unicorns, shaking shark slippers and dancing sheep, but more importantly it was a day which bought us another step closer to our £200,000 target.

Here are a few pictures from the day…

Yes this day was full of smiles and fun but our little Audrina continues to fight this terrible disease and we still need all the help we can get. So please, if you can, visit our GoFundMe page to donate now.

Until the next event, here’s a quote to keep our Audrina dancing…


(through life)

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. 

-Wayne Dyer

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