“I’m famous!”- A special day at DCFC!

It is no surprise that Audrina is a Ram considering her family have always been big DCFC fans. But when the opportunity came to spend the day at Pride Park and a chance to meet Frank Lampard and all the players, it didn’t take long for her to say ‘YES!’

Considering all Audrina is battling with, one thing she doesn’t battle with is confidence and she strutted onto the pitch in front of 33,500 people like she owned the place! She waved to the fans, danced around a little (obviously) and made the most of every single second!

Her personality is simply infectious and it was no surprise that Frank Lampard and the entire team just couldn’t help but smile and dance along with her in the changing rooms before the match! These pictures speak a thousand words…

Their faces simply sum up Audrina’s impact on people!
Audrina’s day at DCFC
Audrina’s day at DCFC

All that is left to say, is a HUGE thank you to everyone at DCFC who helped made this day so incredibly special for Audrina. She came away from it saying ‘I am famous!’ and it will be a day she never forgets!

1 thought on ““I’m famous!”- A special day at DCFC!

  1. It made my heart sing to see Audrina so happy and excited. Shes had a tough few months but always keeps us smiling and laughing….from a vey proud Grandma. thank you DCFC


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