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So how are we going to help Audrina and what exactly are we fundraising for?

Keep Audrina Dancing aims to raise £200,000. Originally this was to secure pioneering treatment overseas to help protect her from relapse.  However Audrinas unexpected severe reaction to immunotherapy on the NHS has forced the family to reconsider a treatment plan. The drug GD2, administered in the immunotherapy is also present in the vaccine the family wanted overseas. The difference is, the vaccine is irreversible, meaning if Audrina reacted in the same way again there would be nothing the Doctors could do to help her. The family has therefore decided not to pursue this line of treatment.

Now that prevention assisting drugs in America are no longer an option, this means Audrinas risk of relapse has increased and her family now has a worrying 5 years ahead (most likely time for relapse). Audrina still desperately needs help raising money to help deal with any future medical treatment, associated costs and any further care required should relapse occur. Any donations will be placed in a trust in her name for those 5 years to be accessed by the family in the event of any of these requirements.

If after 5 years Audrina has not relapsed, the family plan to donate the money to neuroblastoma research or to another child with neuroblastoma that requires treatment not available on the NHS.

Mum Gemma will be attending a Neuroblastoma conference in November 2019 and we are all hoping and praying that an alternative treatment option comes to light.

Spread the word and please ask everyone you know to help Keep Audrina dancing…

How you can help Audrina…

  • Make a donation
  • Organise your own fundraising for Audrina – individually, at work, school, clubs and organisations. Let us know and we’ll help any way we can
  • Ask organisations to support your fundraising by raising awareness, matching your donation or sharing this website on social media.
  • Support some of our upcoming events
  • Follow and share our blog & website (using the link at the bottom left of this page)
  • Join our facebook group to find out all the latest information and to help raise awareness for Keep Audrina dancing and Neuroblastoma
  • Follow and retweet us on Twitter to help raise awareness for Keep Audrina dancing and Neuroblastoma
  • Support Audrina and her love of dancing by holding your own dance party, disco or dance-athon with a small entrance fee. Maybe get your school, workplace or a club involved, everyone loves to dance! Sell some cakes and have a few collection buckets on the go to increase donations. Or go big and instigate a ‘mass’ flashdance event involving multiple clubs and locations!
  • Sell our wristbands at your organisation, club or place of work.  Contact Helen or Debra to arrange this.

Should this money not be required for Audrinas treatment, associated costs, or follow up care, all proceeds will be donated to a Neuroblastoma charity for research, to the hospitals that have and are treating Audrina and to help other families affected by childhood Neuroblastoma.

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