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Meet Audrina…

Audrina is just 5 years old and lives with her family in Derbyshire. She loves singing, dancing and Star Wars! Audrina is fighting rare childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma. Support our appeal to raise £200,000 and help her beat this.

Since December 2018 we have been busy fundraising for this brave and beautiful little girl to access a specific and preventative relapse vaccine in the US.

However, due to Audrinas unexpected and life threatening reaction to the drug in her  NHS immunotherapy treatment, brave mum Gemma has had to make the tough decision not to pursue the vaccine in America we were originally fundraising for. 

This is because the GD2 drug contained in the vaccine is the same drug present in the NHS immunotherapy treatment which caused Audrina to almost lose her life. Any future NHS immunotherapy has been cancelled and Gemma has quite rightfully decided that she doesn’t want to risk the same happening again to her precious daughter. 

This now means that Audrina will miss out on any possible prevention treatment. The odds of her survival are even more greatly reduced and her life could be cut short before she gets a chance to dance with her friends again. The world needs kids like Audrina to keep hope and happiness alive.

Audrina and her family now have a worrying five years ahead (most likely time for relapse) Mum Gemma will be attending a Neuroblastoma conference in November 2019, hoping and praying for a fresh possibility of brand new treatments and trials but Audrina still desperately needs help raising money to help deal with any future medical treatment, associated costs and any further care required should the very real and very terrifying possibility of relapse occur.

Please donate now, no child should face cancer alone.

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